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You Are Missing Out On Commissions And Bonuses If You Cannot Engage With Tech Candidates With Confidence!
It's so hard to find good software developers these days.
They are overwhelmed with opportunities and don't like talking to recruiters.
What's worse, they can quickly recognize a recruiter knows nothing about an IT position or has no clue about the technologies listed in a Job Description... and then they are arrogant or even worse—make fun of us, recruiters, on Reddit!
But if you've never worked in IT before, how can YOU know ANYTHING about IT?
Maybe you bought an IT book... but it's too complicated because it was meant for IT people.
Or maybe you read a few articles on Wikipedia... but got quickly frustrated with all the sophisticated explanations.
Or maybe you invited an IT colleague for a team presentation... and you soon realized despite he knows it all he cannot explain it in human language which YOU would understand!
Leaving you frustrated as you chase more and more IT professionals.
...while sending dozens of messages on LinkedIn with very little response rate.
How are you supposed to learn what's the difference between Java and JavaScript?!
Or which framework is used for Backend or Frontend development?!
This is HARD!
And we're not even mentioning how to visit someone's GitHub profile and derive some meaningful value from it...
All you want is to fill in more IT vacancies, talk to IT candidates with confidence, read JDs and understand WHO is the hiring manager looking for... so you can match it with your candidates.
...and all this WITHOUT spending 10 years working in the IT industry???
Luckily for you, there’s now a solution to your problem!
Your Secret Guide To Confident Interviews With Tech Candidates

Don't Worry About Looking Like A Fool Next Time You Talk To IT Professionals. No More Weird Questions, No More Hesitation. Our Guide Has Got You Covered!

What Recruiters And Their Managers Say:

"It's fantastic that I found you! I learned a lot about how to recruit in IT. It's pleasure to learn about the new technologies, frameworks, and libraries software developers use."
–Brains Consulting
"This has been an amazing help. Now I read IT resumes with fascination and when I speak to technical people, I am not afraid and only interested."
–Alexander Laurin, Recruiter
"Very nice content for those starting their tech recruitment career journey!"
—Alan Pozo, Global Tech Recruiter
"Very helpful, I love that someone is finally explaining IT from a recruiter's point of view! It like the analogies with real-life situations, it makes it very easy to comprehend for us non-developers as well."
—Frida, Recruiter
"I love how the training was concise, clear and simple. Great Job. Great insights to help me manage developers and network engineers."
—Richard Obi, Head Of Outsourcing Services
"Really helpful for even seasoned tech recruiters!"
—Angie Xie, Senior TA Executive (Sony)

Here's What's Inside:

Watch this video with Michal to learn more about this ebook:

Get our worksheet in a PDF file with 18 IT roles that recruiters use to learn how to communicate with IT specialists.

Can You Meet These IT Specialists And Ask Relevant Questions?

  • ​Backend developer
  • ​Frontend developer
  • ​Fullstack developer
  • ​Web developer
  • ​Product owner
  • ​Scrum Master
  • ​CTO
  • ​VP of Engineering
  • ​Product manager
  • ​Project manager
  • ​Software tester
  • ​Database developer
  • ​Database admin
  • ​Business analyst
  • ​System analyst
  • ​CIO
  • ​IT support specialist
  • ​UX designer
  • ​UI designer


Those IT professionals can quickly recognize whether you know anything about the IT role and technologies used...

And they only want to work with HR specialists WHO KNOW!

But don't worry, we've got you covered!

We've been training recruiters and HR specialists to handle IT roles... and now bundled the materials to this SUPER-COOL SPECIAL OFFER:

The Guide


Recruiter's Secret Guide To Confident Interviews (And Small-talk!) With Tech Candidates

  • Get immediate access – download a PDF file that you can print or clone an online Google Doc file which you can start filling in right away.
  • QR codes on each page that you can scan with your phone and watch an accompanying video​ where Michal talks about each role in details.
  • ​Cheat sheet with answers.
  • 44 pages



18 videos


Accompanying Videos

  • Watch Michal fill in the worksheet role by role
  • Learn the IT slang necessary for confident interaction with IT specialists
  • Unlimited access to the videos for the next 12 months in our member-only area



Detailed Overview Of IT Roles

  • 50+ IT roles categorized visually on one mind map
  • Blind map: Exercise to help you categorize standard roles.
  • ​High-quality, ready-to-print PDF




IT Roles Explained

  • Get immediate access to our new video course.
  • 18 IT roles explained in a human language.
  • Unlimited access for the next 12 months in our member-only area.




Thrive While Recruiting IT Roles

  • Web class on how to thrive as an IT recruiter, get high-paying clients, and attract more software developers.
  • Unlimited access
  • ​Worksheets, courseware


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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I expect from this Guide?
It includes 18 of the most common IT roles. As a recruiter, you should get familiar with these roles, be able to make meaningful small-talk next time you meet these people during a meetup or an interview. That's why you are supposed to answer a few questions for each role. If you cannot answer, watch an accompanying video (scan a QR code).
I don't intend to code, is that OK?
We don't teach recruiters any programming skills. The purpose of our training (and these mind maps) is to teach how to interact with IT folks, how to speak to software developers with confidence, and generally to understand the technologies they work with. As a result, the recruiters who go through our program can source, recruit, and fill more IT positions.
What IT roles are included?
The following roles are included in the Guide:
  • ​Backend developer
  • ​Frontend developer
  • ​Fullstack developer
  • ​Web developer
  • ​Product owner
  • ​Scrum Master
  • ​CTO
  • ​VP of Engineering
  • ​Product manager
  • ​Project manager
  • ​Software tester
  • ​Database developer
  • ​Database administrator
  • ​Business analyst
  • ​System analyst
  • ​IT support specialist
  • ​UX designer
  • ​UI designer
We accept debit and credit cards. Safe and encrypted payment via Stripe.
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Where shall we send you the Small-talk Guide?